Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 14

Today’s supposed to be about a picture of me and my family. But since my parents privacy is something I want to maintain, here are some pics of me and my sibling, Muntha (the older one. She turns ten next week) and Mickie.

DSCN0164 DSCN2927


  1. the older one but she turns ten?

  2. wow...u guys look so much alike one another hhehe

  3. so you're the oldest? i always thought Muntha is the oldest! because mun-tha dho. sounds like someone other than you. hehe.

  4. and yeah, what'd you mean by muntha is the older one? did you mean older than you? and yet she turns 10 next week? :S


  5. @Ieccco, I meant, the older one after me. I am the oldest. hehe.

    @Blacky, yeah. we get that a lot. Thanks. =D

    @Naina, hehe. A lot of people get that confused. She is younger than me, but older than Mickie (who's one). I meant older after me. (=
    Muntha is a nickname for Munthaha. hehe.

  6. @Naina, hehe. Kinda the middle sis. =P She's the Buttercup!


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