Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 15


So, today I gotta put my iPod to shuffle and list the 10 songs that play. And since I don’t have an iPod, I’m using my ever so reliable media player.

1. Loabi Vanee Keevehey – Ehandhaanuga Remix

I don’t like this version, as I love the original version, and I’m against changing lyrics oven to do a cover, and I feel that the song was made worse. I still like the girl’s vocals.

2. Womanizer – Britney Spears

Honesty, this is the first Britney song I ever listened, and I instantly fell in love with it. I don’t like Britney, but she’s such a good singer. haha. Till this day, I’ve listened to many Britney songs, but this still remains my number one song!

3. Billu Bayankar – Billu

Ok, I agree. i have a weird taste in music. I absolutely love Punjabi style songs, and creepy songs like this. Gosh. I would listen to this over some much fames love song  any day! Call me crazy, but that’s who I am.

4. Surili Akiyon Wale – Veer

I absolutely love this song. It’s very romantic and mellow. Normally I would rather listen to a hyper song, but this song soothes me, and it makes me dreamy. haha. Also, I love Hindi songs and movies more than English.

5. Fairytale – Alex Rybak

This is only Alex song that I know, and I then became a huge fan of him. Only one song was what took me to like this guy. Plus, he looks HOT!

6. Jogi Mahi – Bachna Ae Haseeno

There was one time in my life, when i put this song on repeat and only listened to it. This time lasted quite some time, so you can imagine how much I was attached to it. As said earlier, I have a fascination for Punjabi style songs.  This one is special because it kind of tells the story of my life, at some point.

7.True Friend – Miley Cyrus

I am a huge fan of Miley, so I have all her songs. This song is not exactly a favorite. I just happen to have it on my playlist.

8. I Wanna Know You – David Archie and Miley Cyrus

Two of my all time favorite artists doing a great song. It actually should be my favorite, huh? But, not really. I do like the song, and play it quite often though.

9. Fabulous – Ashley Tisdale

Another favorite singer. You must think, “God, does she only like cutesy Disney songs?” haha. Not always, but I do love Disney. Plus, this song is totally fashion- related and fab!

10. Connected – Katherine McPhee

One more reason to love Barbie movies, they have amazing songs. My sisters and I love these type of songs. I personally love how happy-go-lucky this is, and Cat’s vocals are ah-mazing!

So, what is on your playlist today?


  1. omg girl, hi5 all the way for Billu Bayankar! when this movie released i used to play this song over and over again!!! fun times! and our taste in music aint weird. its coolu!

    hi5 again partner! on loving hindi songs and movies more than english. i like both, but yeah have a soft spot for bollywood :D i like that song from Veer too!

    our music tastes are so alike! O_O

  2. wow! u do have a wierd taste of songs, i mean punjabi? my oh my! lol
    anyways except the dhivehi song n punjabi one i have heard the rest n all of em sounds great.. rite now only i started listnin to music today, n i am listning to breathless by shayne ward....listen to it. i luuuurrve the wordings in it.. =D cya

  3. @Naina, hehe. All my co hosts usually laugh at me for having so weird taste in Music. we are the cool people ! =D
    yeah me too. I guess it's the love for Hindi language. =P
    yeah. You're the first person who has the same taste in music as me! =D

    @Blacky, hehe. yeah. LOL
    I usually like Shayne Ward, but not a fan of Breathless. Nice lyrics though. hehe


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