Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 23

Something that I crave for a lot? hmm. I crave for a lot of things, hah. Most of them are sweet stuff like cupcakes, chocolates, marshmallow, coke and popsicles.
When it’s raining I crave for hot chocolate and marshmallows, sitting under a windowsill watching the raindrops, dancing in the rain, and a good nap.
When it’s windy I crave for thelulifaiy and rihaakuru and wearing sweaters and getting out.
When it’s hot, I crave for Ice-cream/Jugo and getting out making sundials, or sipping lemonade under the shade of a tree.
When it’s night time, I crave to be inside, in the light and eat all the popcorn I can and make pizza toasts.
When I feel I am sick, I crave for Granny’s helebeli huiy and listening to Muntha sing “Happy Kitty”.
When I am hyped up and in a mood for fun, I crave for Toblerone Milk chocolate and a good book, or perhaps a bunch of friends to go shopping with.
And I always crave for vanilla cake anywhere, any time, any season!
So, what do you crave for?


  1. i cant believe it. you love so many sweet stuff and yet youre so damn effing skinny. its unfair. my 2 bestfriends are like sticks too and they eat more sweet stuff than me. seriously, what IS wrong with this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when i read the last line of this post to myself the first thing i thought was "i crave for SHAH RUKH KHAN" roflmao! actually no, i crave for...err.. never mind. this should be written in a post hahaha! i shall not steal your spotlight/limelight whatever.

    love this 30-day post thingie. so sad its ending. but im sure you'll come up with other interesting stuff to write about. you always do. :)

  2. @Naina, haha. I know. people always ask me how? I guess its something to do with low body protein or something. I read it on newspaper last month. It is kinda nice because getting even a bit fat would be a horrible nightmare. one month I gained one extra kilo, so I went on a diet, and my friends were like, OMG!>.<

    haha. whenever i hear crave, I keep thinking about food. so, the thought of a celeb didn't even occur to me.
    yeah me too, sadness that it's coming to an end. you should totally do it. (=

  3. nice .. its quite similar here aswell ..the crave for sweets and helebeli ..eehhe ..

  4. @dhona, hehe. it's a global thing. =P

  5. you WENT ON A DIET when you gained ONE KILO????? :| its not just your friends even im going O-M-G ! >_<

  6. @Naina, haha. I know. I am very body conscious,a dn stuff.

  7. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! U have written abt everythin i crave for tooo!!

    SWEet stuff sweeet stuff n swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt stufff... but i dont get fat no matter wat lol

  8. @Blacky, hehe. great people like similar things. haha. me too. *hi5*


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