Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: The Little Things

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I love opening my window after waking up and seeing the blue sky. There is just something magical about the sky and how it has so many mysteries and how it is always there. 

People watching on my way to walk. It's kind of weird I never seem to walk into the same people everyday, am I the only one who's following a routine here, haha.  

The adorable old lady who sits outside watching people go by, it reminds me of granny and how every evening she would sit outside and say really sarcastic things about passerby's. 

Tea and hedhikaa on evenings over either an episode of what I''m currently watching or reading. Never a bore. 

Quality family time doing what we do at 10' o clock. 

Instagram accounts of Youtubers/Bloggers and seeing their life and obsessing over two people and how they look so amazing together and shipping them

Green shopping bags. I think I might have a slight obsession with them. 

New episodes of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. One can never be too old for animated series. 

Making to-do lists. Lists make me extremely happy. I love some lists more than I love some people. 

Taking some time off to clear my mind and just spend some much-needed me time.


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