Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10 Movies, 1 Post

For some reason, all the weekends have been spent watching movies and lazing around. I really like spending time alone, in the company of movies and good tea.
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Sometimes you really look forward to a movie but then it disappoints you and other times you kind of don't really think you'd like something but end up loving it. The Spectacular Now is the first and Stuck by Lightening latter. I kind of disliked TSN a lot, even though Shailene was alright. Why is she always playing an Amy? Is it like Salman and Prem kinda thing, ahaha. Chris Colfer was amazing in SBL, it was seriously just such a good movie even though it wasn't exactly a happy movie. Kinda makes you think about life and dreams and goals.

The Art of Getting by, as I've talked before was absolutely fantastic. I really liked the acting and the story.Can I please have a George? Blue Crush 2 was also nice, even though I'm not big on surfing movies, I'm a sucker for the nice guy getting the girl in the end. Little Manhattan is seriously the most adorable movie ever. Josh Hutcherson is just so adorable, no wonder he turned out so good!

You Again was kind of weird, but me being a Kristen Bell fan, that girl can do no wrong, I liked it. Like Minds, a random British thriller was well, rather interesting. Why people kill other people kind of fascinates me. The Cake Eaters was actually not too bad, and Kristen was rather good in the movie. Imagine Me and You was well, a bit uh sad, I felt bad for the guy but that last meeting scene was just whoa whoa whoa. Alfie, oh Alfie. Why did I even watch it? He's cute but the movie has nothing really to offer. Surf School is a terrible idea for a movie, another terrible movie that teaches people that life will somehow change when you go on an adventure, that even though you know nothing about surfing, you;ll somehow beat the pros and win everything including the girl. No, real life does not work that way.

Sigh. I think I've watched too many movies. I am looking forward to watching some Hindi ones because it has been too long. I hope you have had a better experience with movies than I have. What have you been watching lately?

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