Sunday, February 16, 2014

Favourite Maldivian Twitter Acounts

Ah, the Maldivian twitter scene, how it has grown. I was one of the lucky firsts who was able to see it from the start. From the tweetveelun's to graveyard shifts, from the twitter crushes to twitsals, from the political parody accounts to the trolling, I have seen the best of it and the worst of it and I choose both (if you know this reference, you are very cool!)

So, in no particular order, here goes.

@eamamoosa This girl is my spirit animal. She's so fierce and funny and she one day randomly saw me in a shop and introduced herself, how sweet! Her tweets are seriously hilarious.
Oh this tweet! She continuously tweets so fun things it makes Tumblr look weak.

@nadvva I feel like I can relate to this girl on an emotional level. She reminds me of a modern day Jane Austen heroine.
I have often felt this. So many times.

@vichalhey He's pretty cool and sometimes his tweets seems like he's either trying to write a song or keeps finding the meaning of life in every tweet.
Is this a name of a trilogy or some deep meaningful words that mean that we are all in reality people who are trying to loot everyone but look like we are innocent? You never know, but isn't it just so interesting?

 @joospetty Everyone's favourite colourful frozen drink! This twitter handle is seriously genius. Who came first? @juxyn or @joospetty? No body knows.
Such beautiful poetry :')

@mrifgar She's so pretty and she blogs and her tweets are so funny. She's like a Maldivian Tina Fey. I really admire this girl and I think she would top among my retweets.
Me too, ahhh. She gets me, every time.

@lucasjalyl I''m not even sure if he is real or not, but he amuses me a lot. About 25% of drama in my everyday life is actually because of reading his tweets, haha.
 Haven't we felt like this sometimes too?? Only to tweet in a couple minutes beause we can't really stay away from it.

@mdvbookreviewer She's absolutely darling and reading her reviews make me want to read more.
I do feel like this too, it's kind of become the politically correct version eh. 

So, that's just a select few of those that I can remember. Of course I purposefully did not include any of my real life tweeting friends (and those I met on twitter and became pretty good real life friends with) because otherwise this post would go on forever. You guys know who you are and you'll always be my favourites no matter how many hashtags you use or how many song lyrics you post.

Are you on twitter? Do you have more to add to this list? Let me know, I'm always looking for funny people to follow. 


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    1. and now I've been proven wrong. You write rather interesting stories, I must say. :)


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