Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top Three TED Talks

I am one of those people who only listen to select TED Talks. I seriously try but some topics are just not my cup of tea and I often end up more confused than inspired so now I only listen to ones I think I'd enjoy and the results are better. Of course, I am open to suggestions on what to watch and normally find a lot of interesting stuff from what other people share and so.

Here are some of my most favourite TedTalks ever;
The first four minutes of this is my life, seriously. I first heard it a couple months ago and discovered Sarah Kay and started loving her since. I know the poem by heart and I agree with everything. It has inspired me so many days, made so many mornings better and hearing her story has been the true form of inspiration. 

I've been following Tavi since her Style Rookie days and all through Rookie magazine and she reminds me of myself a lot. I love her talk and how genuine and sincere she was and to have that kind of strenth to talk to millions of people is something not a lot of teenagers can do. She's fearless.

I don't know how I came by this video, but he talked in such a nice way that I really felt like I knew him from a long time back and his idea is extremely interesting. 

What TEDTalks have inspired you?

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  1. There are two TED talks that I think are probably my favourites. Both of them had me in tears. One of them is by Lesley Hazleton titled "Doubt is essential to faith". The other one by Wayne Earl about his daughter Esther titled "Dying is inevitable. Living is not". I could link them here actually! :D


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