Monday, February 24, 2014

Why I Leave Books Half Read

In a previous post about some facts about me just three weeks ago, I told you guys that I can never leave a book half read. I have put myself through some very terrible books and movies because of that habit but ever since turning 22 (actually a week before that while I was doing a whole personal yearly review) I have stopped doing that. 

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Part of me is still not accustomed to it and I feel like I am disrespecting the books (yes, I get all worked up on the ethics of things like that, sigh) but I was just about done with this book I was reading and I was not interested in it at all. The only reason I kept reading was so I can finish and cut it off my reading list. Then, I decided that I was actually wasting a lot of time when I could be doing other things I enjoy such as reading books I might actually like. 

So, in that fashion, I went through my reading lists, and removed a LOT of books simply because I didn't want to read them and I am not going to put myself through any movie/book that doesn't live up to my enjoyment. I owe at least that to myself.

A year ago, I would not have even believed I would be doing so, but this year is all about bettering myself, of being the best person I can. It's going to be a year of self discovery. No drama, no nothing, just me and myself and learning to feel comfortable in my own skin. 


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