Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22

It's my day! :D Aren't birthdays just amazing. It feels like carrying a bit of sunshine in my pocket all the time. I'm so grateful to everything and everyone in my life. I'm so blessed to have amazing company and people who love me around me, it does feel so good.

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Today has been filled with lots of great things. Thanks to Allah for blessing me with everything and for making every year more rewarding. Everyday I live, is a blessing. 
Thanks to my family for the mini surprise, I seriously did not expect that. Thanks for always standing by my side through thick and thin and no matter what anyone says know I will always put family first.
Thanks to Thutha for the cake and for being just like a big sister to me all these years.
Thanks to relatives for loving me like you do, especially Kuda and twins. You guys are amazing. 
Thanks to my great co workers, working with you is a pleasure and I enjoy every single day. 
Thanks to the sisters for being a source of constant fun and enjoyment. You both are my world. 
Thanks to my former classmates and friends always especially Timmy and China cos you guys totally took me by surprise. 
Thanks to Wuffy, for calling me all the way from Aussie. I love you and stay beautiful. 
Thanks to all the friends for the constant wishes making me feel all loved. Especially those of you who know me so well to leave custom birthday messages.
Thanks to the twitter love. You guys are my fifth family. <3 
and I'm sorry if I forgot to mention anyone but y'all know that I love you and all that cheesy mushy stuff. ;) 

Here's to more of being fun and happy and being the best selves we could be. My thoughts right now seriously are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

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  1. Great age to be, Shaha! Happy Birthday :)
    So glad you have so much love all around you. One cannot ask for enough of that <3
    Hope you have an amazing 22nd year!!


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