Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Worst Movies I Ever Watched

Since becoming a teenager, I have been watching movies and enjoying them quite a lot. In fact, I have re-watched a couple and while my taste in movies is a bit bland (I prefer Disney, chick flicks and romantic comedies) but lately, I have been moving into much serious and diverse movies. 

I used to have this goal to watch all movies released after 1992 but this seemed an impossible feat paired together with my undeniable fear of horror movies, I have decided to ditch a couple ones that I don't like and only watch ones which I like because honestly, life is too short and previous to do things you don't want or don't enjoy. 

But within the last few years, I have come across some movies that are just downright awful. I'm not talking just those parody Scary Movie types (which I kinda like watching just to see the jokes) but some movies that I just feel should not have been made and if that money was used for a better cause like a better movie, it would be much much better. 

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This is quite possibly the worst 87 minutes I have ever spent. With such a terrible plot with a half vampire half woman (what is that even supposed to mean) travelling across Nazi camps. I think Hollywood is running out of Nazi ideas to incporporate into movie plots. Everything about this screams horror and not the kind that is paranormal in nature. Do not watch it, unless you don't mind wasting 87 minutes watching something that makes no sense, has absolutely nothing to offer. 

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Maybe it's just me. I kinda liked the beginning and the idea of it, and with Elizabeth Banks in it, I had to obviously watch it, but it just felt bland. Bad jokes, bad everything. Maybe people who enjoy the kind of awkward teen sex movies and stuff like Knocked Up would enjoy this, but I am so glad Banks moved on to better movies like Hunger Games.

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Bitch Slap
Again, a horrible deicision. I don't even know why I watched this, probably because I was trying to watch all the movies that came our in 2010. This movie has a few good action scenes I guess, but then again any kind of action makes me feel indifferent, so I guess it was not my cup of tea. 

There are a couple of other ones that were kind of terrible but it also had good elements and so didn't make it to this list. I really need to read more about a movie before I watch, but then again I'm also the kind that likes to be surprised. 

Anyways, what are the worst movies you have watched? 


  1. Undercover Brother is definitely on my list of worst movies I've ever seen. And yeah, even the covers of these don't look promising, though I haven't seen any of them.

    1. ah, haven't watched that yet. I'll make sure to stay away from it.

      Thanks. :D btw, love your blog.


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