Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shaha-Con: Who's Invited?

So, if I had some sort of an elitist convention where I invite only the people I think are the coolest, who would be on the list? Am I running out of things to blog about? Maybe. haha.

Ninth Doctor because he is fantastic and he is my doctor and I seriously love him so much. 
Richard Castle because he will bring Kate Beckett and Alex and they will be super cute. I am slightly obsessed with that show. 

Hermione Granger obviously. Also her plus one, Ron. Do not tell me they do not belong together because I choose to believe John Green when he said that books belong to their readers. 

The Zombie crowd because I love them so very much! 
Augustus. Because his thought are stars he cannot fathom Into constellations and because he is not in the business of denying himself the pleasure of saying true things.

That girl from the poem Choosing a Name by Charles Lamb because she seems so confused over a name. 

The cute guy from 7th grade who sings so well and maybe if he knew me now, he'd think I wasn't so pretentious. 

Mick because that girl is my life.

Coroner so they can call in a broken heart. 
Sarah and Phil because they are two sides of a coin.

My third grade mean girl so she can see how totes awesome I am now. Hahaha

Liz lemon because bleurgh! 

And all my friends because even though I can be a total Draco Malfoy at times, I'm a Harry Potter at heart and I love them. 

 If you could invite anyone to my con, who would that be and why. 


  1. Me.. :D because i adore you.. :')

    1. Ahh. :) but if I invite anonymous, I'm afraid a completely different est of people would turn in. :|


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