Wednesday, February 26, 2014

22 Things

I can't still come to terms that I am 22. Everyday I walk past people, past trees and look over clouds that seems just like the ones I saw five years ago, I wonder where all that time went. It all seemed yesterday that I was barely making my way past stairs in Ahmadhiyya or enjoying magnums with my 18 year old friends when they turned 18 but looking back now and today being 22 and seeing everyone around me in big shot jobs and having to think about things like rent and masters, I'm just stunned. Can I be forever 19? *sigh*
Anyways, since I am not getting any younger, I shall be making more of this year and as you might already have read, this is my year and I plan to spend a lot of time on myself instead of focusing on others and their problems. In keeping tradition with my yearly goals, here are 22 things I want to do before I turn *shudders* two-three. :| 

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1. Have Rainbow Hair
2. Help someone else fulfill a bucket list dream | anyone out there has things on your bucket list for which you need a partner in crime (except for robbing banks, which I would be really bad at), let me know! I'm up for throwing parties, bungee jumping and having food fights and more.
3. Buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them
4. Learn to write with my left hand. 
5. Take a photo of the same place every month, and turn into a calender for next year
6. Throw a Barbie themed birthday party

7. Read every book by Nicholas Sparks
8. Throw a masquerade party
9. Witness a wedding proposal | Also if anyone's planning to do a flashmob proposal or going to do it in a restaurant or something, let me know. I can discreetly sit in a nearby table and witness it and you don't even have to know. I swear I'm not that creepy but pretty please?
10. Meet president Maumoon
11. Tell lesser lies

12. Take better care of myself
13. Start doing my MBA
14. Stop lying to myself
15. Prioritize more
16. Be there for my friends and family
17. Keep my promises

18. Make a time capsule with my friends and family
19. Appreciate the little things
20. Better my relationship with god.
21. Support my family in every way I can.
22. Enjoy being 22

So, there goes in no particular order. What are your goals for the year? I feel like this is better than making new year resolutions. So much easier to keep and more fun! 


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