Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snacks I Love

I'm not really much of a snack person. I just eat during the regular times (and sometime even forget to do that! I swear, I like food ) and in between I would drink lots of tea and milk and that's about it. 
But ever since I moved to a new place last September, I have started to eat snacks between meals and I even have a snack drawer now, how weird? haha. 

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My all time favourite snack (especially during midnight when I am am almost to bed, but still have that one more episode to watch, two more pages to read and stuff) is peanut butter and apples. I used to dislike peanut butter a lot. I still dislike some brands but I have found this one brand which I actually like and since seeing this on Pinterest, I have wanted to try it and goodness it tasted awesome! I have yet to try the choco-chips tho. 

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Whenever I host parties and gatherings at my place, especially during Ramadan you should expect this. People have even gone as far as telling me I can't even cook (which is not true, just clarifying. I prefer making cup noodles and baking to actual cooking but when I am determined to cook, I turn all Martha Stewart) but make these and honestly, they taste so good so no one's really complaining. Bread (I prefer normal to toasted), nutella and banana slices. Super duper easy to make. 

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Let's not forget the drinks. Even though I love tea, there's just something great about making a cup of hot chocolate and filling it with lots of marshmallows! It's delicious. I love curling up with a good book with a cup of hot chocolate, it's a must-do, especially during rainy days because honestly that is one of the best feelings ever!

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Another of my favourite snack that my mom sometimes makes is fries! I do love me some fries and hot sauce every once in a while. Even when I go out to eat, I don't actually eat the fries but mom makes them with salt and it's not as oily as in other places, so I justify it like that, ahaha. Mick and Myra are huge fans of fries and they can be seen munching on a whole bag of them whenever mom makes them. 

On the subject of snacks, I don't really buy snacks too much but I do enjoy them. My snack drawer has lots of wafers (which I don't particularly like; they are alright but mom thinks I love them and she keeps buying them and I haven't yet told her I don't really want them ) and better biscuits which I love love love! I also love onion rings and whenever I go out to have ice-cream, I buy onion rings instead because they are just so good! 

What are your favourite snacks?

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