Sunday, March 9, 2014

5 Most Used iPhone Apps

Besides the usual messaging, phone and music apps of course. 

Ever since getting the phone, I have been getting new apps and deleting unused apps like crazy! My previous rules was to have two screens but since I have too much apps I have moved on to three screens, *sigh* My current use is to not have above 100 apps! I know, 100 is a big number but I just need all those games and fashion apps. *another sigh*

Daily Yoga
Did I mention I got into a yoga routine during my social media break? Yeah! It's crazy. I'm also following this 12 day course, as well as learning basic poses and doing a complete meditation all of which equals to about an hour of yoga every day. It's really good for me because I can concentrate and while my preferred time would be in the morning but I can't wake up in the morning, not even for yoga. So, I end up doing it right before bed, which works fine for me. I love how easy to follow this app is and a lot of the content is free so you can enjoy it till you reach advance levels. 

Some days, I'm so busy I can't even spend five minutes on BBC app (which is must-have for everyone!) and this comes in so handy. The best thing, it's hand picked by this guy named Dave who really knows what people like. The articles are mostly related to tech, sports and general news with lots of good hearted humour. In a nutshell, YES!

Oh man, what was I doing before I discovered this app? perhaps spending too much time trying to get above 10 points in flappy bird. This app is so addictive and competitive. It's like trivia and the best thing, there are so so many topics to choose form. Education, entertainment, sports, etc. I am really big on Taylor Swift, colours (I started it thinking it would be to identify colours, but in one level I got best in the country so I kept playing so I can sure my rank, I know - so lame) and Bollywood. Good thing, it's now also available in Google Play for you Andriod folks.
What would I do without my daily doze of high fashion? I can keep up with fashion week finally! Everyday, I love checking up on different seasons, saving my favourite ones and just being bewitched by the beautiful art created by the likes of Badgley Mischka and Zuhair Murad. It's also fun to rate which seasons are better and also to check on what the stars are wearing and so much more. Basically, I no longer have to go on on my laptop. 

TV Show Tracker
This is my life. Seriously. I used to have an excel sheet and several different methods to check which episode I last watched on a series and this makes everything SO SO much easier. Really. I can add all my shows (which is about 45 shows, sigh) and check which episodes I have watched and it would even remind me 15 mins before an episode airs. Now the challenge is to reduce my unwatched episode count to st least 500. It's at a peak 2340! 

What are your favourite apps? I still have room for about 6 apps. 

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