Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Here is a little update to tell you that you are great, wonderful, brilliant human being who deserves good things. 

You are loved, you are someone's wonderwall.

You are capable of so much and if you only knew how much of a great person you are and how big an impact you can make in someone's life, you'd never again doubt your abilities. 

You are not what the society tells what you are and you are not a doormat or someone's punching bag. You are more than the clothes you wear, more than the friends you have, and more than the worldly pleasures. 

Maybe you already know this but in case you forget or in case you want to hear again, or just because; here's to let you know that you are made of stars and you can do everything you set your mind to because I believe in you! And so do so many others and maybe people don't always tell you that but believe me when I say that people are going to write you beautiful eulogies when you are gone but they should be telling you all those things now because you need to hear them so you will always be sure whenever you start to doubt. 

You are true. You are not just a shade of blue and most importantly;

You rock! 

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