Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Side Projects

When you finally start to become an adult (what? no more candy floss or barbie dolls? Sigh), you get sucked into this world of responsibilty. You got to find a job, study on your own, pay your own bills and stilltry to have an ounce of social life you ca fit between 9 to 5 and sleep. What a lot of us don't realize is that your day job, your nine to five is not eerything. While it is great and probably your job and in a lot of cases your career path, you also need something else to focus on. A side project.

DYM is my baby, you all know that and while I love DYM projects and everything, because of my job I can't spend all my time and energy on DYM so I've been more concentrating on the magazine and it's pretty cool. Here are some reasons why you need a side job.

It opens your mind to so many creative ideas and it actually helps in keeping your brain healthy!
You feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you have a little success in your side project.
You really start to feel better about yourself and honestly we all need a bit of self love don't we?

It doesn't have to be a really big project. It could be a creative hobby. Something other than watching back to back episodes of teen shows. Something that makes you think, makes you want to do it and makes you feel good. 

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