Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why you should consider taking a social media break

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Every year (for the exception of last) I have taken technology breaks for at least a week. Ofcourse back then it was simpler times and I had real books to read and wasn't obsessed with too much TV shows. Last year was a whole different story because my work revolves around social media and also because I think at this point in my life I depend too much on tech to give it away. This year, I found a loophole and didn't sign into any social media platform on my name, only on my work name and only used it for work. No Youtube videos, no tweets, no Instagram, no Viber, no Facebook, no nothing. 

A week of me and myself, not even phone calls. I kept my phone in Airplane mode and didn't check it. It was very difficult the first two days but eventually I was actually loving the no pinging mobile phone, no drama to deal with, no one calling to ask useless things. It was seriously, amazing. Ofcourse it's very selfish and sometimes once a year you deserve to be selfish for just 7 days. You deserve to spend time on yourself, on doing things that you told you'd do. 

I finally got into a yoga routine. I read two more books (out of five this year) and wrote a couple poems. I redesigned my Filo, became a lot better at managing things and focused more on my actual paying job. It felt really good. I know on the other hand I was kind of running away from responsibilities but I knew I'd eventually get back to them and honestly, I was just glad to have taken the time off. 

I was also having lots of personal difficulties I guess and on the verge of becoming someone I didn't even recognize. Anyways, the point it that sometimes when the going gets tough, going back to simpler times and just focusing on being you helps. At least for me. 

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