Saturday, March 1, 2014

DYMag February Issue

Lo and behold, yet another issue of DYMag. No matter how much we do this, the very day it comes out is always a milestone. This issue was another difficult issue because our team is very diverse and we all have jobs and responsibilities and this magazine is something we do as a hobby and so sometimes when the going gets tough, it's hard to fully commit to deadlines but somehow we always manage. 

With this issue, there's a lot of change in the layout, even the cover. Imy keeps outdoing himself and I'm so glad. We also added a new member to our team, Jin. From a team of three, becoming a team of seven is both exciting and scary. 

Starting the issue off with a story by S, Between two worlds which is haunting and yet beautifully written. Abo set himself up with the task of reviewing the very first rap album released in Maldives. We would like to thank Symbolic Records and Naanu for giving us a free copy to review. For this month, I tried getting a mix of books, music and movies that falls into the theme of old and new. 

The three page spread on Shinzou Con, for which DYM was an event partner showcases some of the beautiful costumes and competition winners. The look book, beach blues is focused on breezy and fun looks that shows the more tourist-y side of Maldives with shell bracelets and sarongs. In time for Valentines Day, Naal created a lot of ideas that you can do on your nails. This girl can do wonders with nails and I can't even properly paint mine with just one colour, haha. 

The cover girl, Mishy is seriously one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. She's really friendly and nice and fun. The first day we went to meet her, we ended up talking for two hours about everything from baking to the social problems in the country. I really love the photo-shoot Toby did because it shows her as the total kick-ass lady that she is. Her interview, you'll find is really sweet and yet her personality shines through from her singing. 

Next comes the serious articles. One about bullies and the bullied by Isra will make you think twice about our generation while the second part of Fallen Woman by Thyma shows the second part to the analysis of women in literature which we can easily apply to our society and how it sees women. A brand new addition, a new comic called Guardian showcases the talents of two mangaka, Mathyn and Rooba. I for one, loved the art style. 

Health and fitness columns are always interesting and informative to read. Atrial Septal Defect tells us how to work towards preventing birth defects. Naanu's poetry makes us think every single issue and so does his layouts. We love that guy! Malika writes an article that would benefit those of you thinking of investing on an e-reader. Thihnaan again writes about something that would help those of us couch potatoes wanting to start running by telling us some tips to keep ourselves motivated. A very informative read about Sexual and Reproductive Health focuses on the types of STD's and what problems youth faces in this area. 

Jin writes about his experience at YLP which takes me back to the time I was there. Ah, good times. Munzir's poem A knight's tale talks about a brave hero, the kind we all love which wraps up the magazine. Yet, another informative and fun issue which we hope you will enjoy a lot. 

As always, you can leave feedback on our twitter, or mail us or Facebook us. Really, there are so many ways to reach us so don't keep it to yourself. We really appreciate all the readers and comments and we try to incorporate everything you want. 

Until next time, Cheers. What was your favourite article from this issue? 


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