Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alek's Girlfriend Debacle

It’s another day at office. I wanted to get up early to have breakfast before I came, but still got very late but did manage to grab some breakfast before dashing out the door to make it on time. Dad thinks I am always late and I am just hoping I make it on time everyday this month so I can show him a perfect punctuality record.

After breakfast, it was continuous trail of updating Facebook, chatting, checking mails and trying to stay on schedule. I’ve gotten quite used to this routine. There is a meeting at 11 with the Google team. They are as usual mildly enthusiastic and already have an idea. There were lots of talk about posters and the guy even asked me if I had music posters on my room. I did remember the one about the commonwealth flags but didn’t mention it.

Ian called while I was working and I didn’t pick up. Something happens every time he calls. I’m not sure what it is but the only other time I’ve felt it was before I had the talk with the girls. I am not ready to analyze it. Alek texted me just about then so I had this thought that Ian might have told Alek about me not answering my phone but he just wanted to tell me he is sorry and wanted to talk something personal apparently. He then went on texting about how he should get a girlfriend.

I called Ian. He says “Guess who showed up at work? That girl!”. I’m confused. Then he says that Zoya (who got a job in Ian’s workplace yesterday) is actually in Ian’s department, the most boring department in the also boring workplace. We talk about it and I make a few jokes. We talk about Zoya, I tell him about Alek and he mentions that I might know this new girl and that he wants me to advise him. Sometimes talking to Ian is just so nice but other times, not so much.

I start watching Go On at home since I cannot fathom what’s happening in Made in Jersey. Matthew Perry is his funny self as usual and I think I’m gonna like it a lot.  I drop by the shop near my place where a friend’s brother work and since the sale we have been saying hi and smiling to each other whenever we meet. I made the bad decision to go inside and tell him how busy I am and that I don’t wear ready-made things. I was going to buy a bracelet or something but none they has were nice enough and I really like the moustache shoes so I asked for my size and to my surprise two other people came in so he got busy. I used the time to get out saying I had to go to office but made the mistake to tell him to keep it and that I’ll be back later. This is what I always do.

Every day on my way home, I get a call from Kyle about the most random things and today was no different. It’s good because it keeps me distracted while walking. I come home and talk to Hannah about some Harry Potter things, I have tea with sandwiches and search online for tablets. I have my eyes on a Nexus 7 but as usual, I do not have the funding for that.

I watch Better off Ted and I’m paid a visit by Alek. He looks different and he brings me a sandwich which is kind of weird. We make small talk and then dive into the topic to whether he should get a girlfriend. I can’t help but laugh. I can’t seem to take anything that he says personally. We talk about it for a while, about people and then he tells me he already is dating a girl which is quite shocking. His story with the girl is almost similar to the one I'm reading and it creeps me out a little bit. Mom asks me to go fetch Hannah so we part ways, but I am thinking that this conversation is not over.

Later at night, I watch Grimm which I think I will like. It gets late, and I make it on time to bed to get a good eight hours of sleep. I think of the shoe in reserve but I can’t lose my sleep over something insignificant like this.

Note: This is a part of a story I'm writing called The Journey Journals. I hope you guys like it. 

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