Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cos he wasn't raised right before you

This last week has been kind of fun, mostly because I had finally gotten back online and met my friends and had a really good time just being happy, planning fun things and getting exciting news, Masha Allah. 

Here's a little rundown. I met with the zombie crowd for lunch on Tuesday and we had a great time talking about fun things and about social media breaks. These people are amazing. Things are good at work, as always. I love work. 

The highlight of the week was my gorgeous friend Nattu's wedding. She's absolutely fantastic and her wedding was gorgeous. Niu and I were pretty late because I had a class but we went and it was gorgeous! She has lights, and dream catchers all over! She made it all by herself. It was just so amazing. We met Houdini and had a blast talking pictures at the photo-booth and admiring all the things. 

Tell me if it's the prettiest wedding ever? Sigh. I wish Nattu and Shahin an ever beautiful marriage and hope that they have their happily ever after! 

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