Monday, March 3, 2014


You all probably know that I'm a huge fan of Miley Cyrus since her Hannah Monatana days and one of my favourite Miley Cyrus performances ever is when she brought her band for The Backyard Sessions and she covered some songs and this one song in particular, Jolene; originally sung by Dolly Parton just tickled my fancy. It was so so beautiful. I've had that song on repeat so many times. 

Isn't it just *sigh* so amazing? This girl, and her vocals. Ahh. 

Anyhow, As always I kept singing it all around the house and got Mick interested in it (even Hipster Sister who first said she hated it but later confessed to having watched the video and deemed it "alright" which means pretty good in her book) and she unintentionally said Eugene instead of Jolene and one thing led to another and we all started making a song for Eugene. 

If you don't know who Eugene is, maybe watch Tangled? If you haven't watched it yet, this might come off a bit of a spoiler. From Rapunzel, to Eugene

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene 
I'm begging of you please take me to see the lights
Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene
I've always dreamed of seeing it one day

Ever since I was young
Trapped in this big tower alone
The lights have been my only escape

You came along like a breath of spring
With your satchel of pretty jewels
And I ask of you only one thing, Eugene

She must not know that I'm gone
Or I'll forever be banished again
Even Pascal could not make me much happy, Eugene

Maybe I don't understand
How this world really works
but I want to see them lights up close, Eugene

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene 
Take me away from origami and Gothel
Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene 
I don't care even if you are a thief

You could have all my hair
With it's golden healing power
As long as you take me to the lights, Eugene

I know I put you in a cupboard
And hit you in the head with a frying pan
But you should know it's the best day ever, Eugene

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene 
I'll make the bandits believe in dreams
Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, Eugene 
Everything's gonna be all right when I see the lights, Eugene

I know the song doesn't really rhyme but we did it in under ten minutes and I'm pretty psyched about it. Hahaha. Have you ever wrote a song about a fictional character?


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