Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Always Parties and Alek's Always There

I wake up watching Fifi on TV. She’s so pretty, a forget-me-not. I dress Chloe and take a shower. It’s almost twelve. Dad comes home and I go and grab a cupcake and make myself a cup of tea. Mom has baked four dozen cupcakes which we need decorate for tomorrow. Hannah and I help her do it and we have the best time decorating cupcakes, talking about random things and just being a family. I thank god for moments like these and I feel blessed.

It’s almost evening when we finish. I have to go see a futsal match of former office mates in the evening. Mom did the laundry so I help her put out the clothes. I then realize that I haven’t had to eat anything for a long time. I drink milk to give myself some energy to finish the laundry.

I eat something. Chloe and Mom go to a birthday party and I take a shower and wait for Zoe to come so we can go to the futsal ground. She comes soon and I take a few cupcakes on the go for friends. We meet Zoya and Teri and see many former office mates. Apparently, the match has been postponed to six and we have almost forty five minutes to spare. We girls buy some water and go to the fair on the next ground. As usual we meet Kyle and Tilda. I give the last cupcake to them and we head to check some stalls.

Yule is at the kids stall and I win an apple (which I later find is an orange) after answering a question. I also meet Vance who asks about the futsal match (I don't know how he even knows)  and he also offers to help with my Chemistry. At the Little Stars stall, I try to help Zoya through the minefield but fail. Then we try at some feet things and despite many tries, I can’t do it. We put our coupons in the box and it’s almost time to go to the match and the place is playing Gangnam Style over and over again which is annoying.

The match is about to start and Brian is there. It’s so much fun as we try to support our team.  Rue and her cousin also show up and we laugh so hard at Earl’s jokes. It was the best match. My voice is all screechy because I screamed and shouted and laughed all the way. I come home and help mom out, send invites to tonight’s party. 

Ryan is the first one to arrive and we talk. He is not feeling too well about life and wants to resign from his post jobr I try my best to talk and not come off as too over demeaning. Kyle and Tilda are next and they seem to be going well. We talk about life and start playing some games and are joined by Kevin and Ivan. Rue and her cousin are also here and Kevin is talking of buying pizza for everyone.

We order pizza and drinks and Alek join us. While Kevin and Ivan are out, we have some rounds of Truth or Dare which is so fun! We are all having a lot of fun and time passes away. Rue and her cousin are the first to leave so Ryan joins with Kevin. Kevin has to leave too since he has workl tomorrow so Alek joins Kevin and Kyle and Tilda are ahead while Kevin, Alek, Ivan and I are at the same spot. We stop because it’s getting late.

I check Facebook and see that Tiffany had planned to hang out with the guys and I was also tagged but since I did not see it, I was unable to.For now, my hair is almost dry and it’s almost 12 30 so I’m calling it a night since tomorrow is a work day. 

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