Friday, March 7, 2014

The Mandatory Party Scene

I woke up cos dad asked me to iron some clothes and I was just doing that when mom took over. She is just in a really good mood. After a shower, I had some pancakes and talked to Chloe a bit. I go and clean my closet. I have way too many clothes. I try to make some sense of it and try to reduce the number. So far, my efforts are almost non-existent.

Mom is making cupcakes today because she apparently has too much margarine. I watch some episodes of Grimm and then it’s time to put the icing on the cakes. Hannah, Chloe, Mom and I (even dad!) try our hands at doing just that. At moments like these, I feel really happy. We make around three dozen cakes and they look really good. Even Hannah does real well. She is a wonderful artist. 

I have called and texted Owen but I don’t think he wants to get out of the house though. He activated his Facebook back which means there’s some progress. I am watching YouTube videos and waiting for a call. I feel like cancelling it, but since I will have to go to theparty tonight, there is no way I can sleep early.
Dan calls me later but since it is too late, I tell him visit him later. Dan just really gets on my nerves sometimes. 

I got to the party in the glumest of the moods. I meet this handsome guy with really brown hair who tells me the party's on the terrace. He tells me I'll have to wait till his friend comes so we can all go up. I don't even know this guy but if he's cute his friend might be too so I wait. Turns out, his friend is Hannah's teacher so I awkwardly stand in the lift and check my phone to pretend I'm not awkwarded by this whole thing.

We go to the terrace  and find a lot of people, most of whom I’ve seen but don’t know the name of. I see the girls and we chat about the cake which looks wobbly and a bad entrance into the Cake Wrecks blog.
Then the birthday boy comes, he cut the cake and there’s the outburst of the confetti which is new. Next, he makes a really boring speech about how all of us are his rocks, sometimes I wonder if this guy is even real. There was food afterwards. Spaghetti, fish and salad. I just eat the salad. I’m not in the mood. I just want to get home, watch the rest of the Grimm and sleep maybe.

There’s entertainment of course. The popular guys all come and play songs and dance. I’m just staying at a corner, like a wallflower, totally unamused even though they play really good songs and I do want to dance but the moment I do, it’s over. I just can’t. I hope no one brings me up and I just blend into the background. Dan is not picking his phone so I text Kevin to see if he’s busy. He texts back saying he’ll be free in ten. Then comes the longest ten minutes of my life. Thankfully, he comes soon and we head home. 

I call Rue because Kevin wants to see her tomorrow night and he’s buying pizza. The whole Kevin-Rue thing is fun.I feel like a third wheel in their terribly one sided romance. 

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