Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything Is Not What It Seems

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How many times were you mislead by a bewitching smile, but found a player instead.The things in life, that we sometimes take for granted are not really what it is. Some people come into our lives disguised as friends and turn out to betray our trust. We, of all people trust those who will break our heart into tiny little pieces.
No matter how much we love someone, we really cant make that person love us back. And no matter how we wish to be HIS, it’s impossible I guess. We try to be his friend, and smile, and yet he keeps falling for the wrong girl. He never realizes that he belongs right here. Why can’t he see?
OK, so currently I am obsessed with this guy, and my current story can be summed up in Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me”. There was once a chapter in my life where two songs summed up. My feelings through David Archie’s “crush” and the story of Austin through Taylor Swift’s “teardrops on my guitar”.
I guess, his chapter is over, and it’s a new chapter. This one is Falling for the guy you really cant be with. Or maybe you can, if he ever lets you! Life is unfair.


  1. love, lust and crushes... are funny things. we never have what we want. we always fall for the wrong guy or when a nice guy falls for us we can't seem to fall for them. sigh... what a life. it sure is unfair. nice post :)

  2. Can feel honesty in your writing.. wish things were otherwise better for you..

  3. well, word of advice or just giving u thoughts from my experience.

    i was going crazy for a guy for over a year, he was close to me, he gave into me, but he was never mine.. i didn't give up. i lost interest on all other guys and it was not like me at all since i was like a player before. but this guy, i couldn't get to myself. it was a challenge for me. but i overcame it, cuz i never gave up and got him in the end, but by that time u know, i was bored! i was bored he never came to me when i needed him the most. so i guess he lost a big chance of getting to know someone who cud've sorta kneeled down on him! so its his losss.

    just dont giveup, and hope what i just said above helps

  4. btw if u took that photo which i think u did, its cool! u shud put it on flickr or something!

  5. @naina, you are so right. how very unfair indeed!!

    @jufire. thanks. me too. (=

    @ieccco, yeah. I don;t think I am like you in this. haha. still, keep trying, i guess.
    and yeah it dooes help. (= thanks
    hmm. I shall.

  6. err...this is my saying and u did not tell me about this post! >.<
    btw who did u fell for =P

    good post btw. me likes! XD

  7. @iththi, oh yeah. I should have told. me forgets. u_u
    Oh, just this one guy at college. You wont know him. =P


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