Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nightmare on Dental Street: Part 1

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD. Read at your own risk.
I've had several problems with my teeth in the past three years, but refrained from going to the dentist mostly because it freaks me out. But lately, it was hurting too much and I wanted to just get done with it. That was when the horror started. I wanted to know how it would go, so I googled. (WARNING: DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE ANYTHING RELATED TO TEETH UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE FROM VISUAL IMAGERY). I read about the different kind of treatments, and read about people's testimonials, forums, etc and honestly it was the best thing. It made me calm down about the whole thing. Being informed clearly is a good thing.
So, I made the appointment and went to the dentist, Dr. Ben (not real name) who casually just told me I needed a few RCT's and some fillings. There I was freaking out and so many things going in my head, and he just calmly said that. Dentists! So, I made an appointment for RCT and then in my anxiety, I went to the dentist one day early. haha. Then Dr. Ben got sick and had to cancel my appointments three times during the span of a week and then I got my job and my times and his times were clashing too much, so I had to change dentists, this time to a local one, Dr. Seth (again, not real name). A lot of people recommend him.
Anyhow, all this time my teeth was hurting so much so I was on medication every single day. The dentist appointment was the first thing on my mind when I woke up everyday and the last thing when I went to bed. My friends were being exceptionally nice about the whole thing. Meanwhile, I was making all thee visits by myself (I have a phobia of hospitals/clinics and I always go to places like that with Dad, so going alone is a very big deal for me) and it took a lot of self confidence to brave myself to walk there and stay calm even though in my head I was so freaked out.

Few nights ago, my first consultation with Dr. Seth was interesting. I was about to go when the clinic called and said it would take a while and they'd call me. So I was watching How I Met Your Mother when they called, and I rushed to the clinic. (At this moment, I'd like to thank the taxi centre for sending someone early. In today's Maldives, this could be considered a miracle of sorts) I was so anxious, nervous and very cold. The girls in the clinic were very nice and I stayed downstairs till I was called, taking sometime to read Nu-uman Va Mariyam, one of my favourite pieces of Dhivehi literature. (also reading English novels while waiting is too mainstream. ha) There were two patients ahead and then I was called into the upstairs waiting area which has a very bright colour theme and had this amazing fish tank. Within a few minutes, I was called in and I sat in the dental chair (which actually is quite comfy). Dr, Seth came and checked my teeth and said I had to remove my wisdom teeth. On the outside, I nodded and gave him a weak smile and on the inside my brain was shouting all sorts of crazy things.
WHY? NOO! NOT MY WISDOM TEETH. Then, he proceeded to inject something to my gums to numb the area. I thought it would hurt a lot, he said it would hurt a bit and it actually did not hurt much, which was quite a surprise. Then, he went to help another patient and I had sometime to clear my head and get myself together. The office was very adorable in a weird way. There were teeth samples, and some plastic sets of teeth, and a really modern tooth shaped clock. I love how everything was very nice and sophisticated, definitely not what I thought would be in a dental clinic.
The patient on the other side came with a friend/husband/muggle/whatever and he was consoling her throughout and when Dr.Seth was about to inject her, she asked if it would hurt and he said, maybe like when a mosquito bites, heh. But she sort of let out a faint little cry when he injected and the girls in the office mouthed "newbie" to each other. I was a newbie myself and I felt really happy that I was brave enough not not even let out a cry, or shed a tear. (At this point, you do realize that this post is mostly about personal praise of how strong I was and brave and yada yada, haha. I promise to keep the self flattery down, if you promise to read. :P).

Soon, my mouth was becoming numb and then the horror started. He came and started to operate on my teeth. I had my eyes close the entire time. All I heard was him telling me to open my mouth wider, refer to the girl to get a suction (which was some sort of thing that did some sort of thing. yes, I know ! very vague) and i didn't feel anything because my mouth was all numb. I opened my eyes for sometime and saw all the tools he were using, which were all pointy and sharp and so scary. I suddenly remembered all the episodes of Criminal Minds and Castle where people would use sharp tools to cut people. NOT A GOOD THING. So, I closed my eyes again and vow to not open them till it was over. I was reciting several ayah of Quran in my head and it was keeping me calm while I was laying there with my mouth side open (so wide it hurt. Honestly, that as the only hurting part, having to keep my mouth open for a very long time). while Dr.Seth cleaned and filled my teeth. I was unsure whether he as removing it or not and I was just waiting for the minute he would pluck it, but it never happened. Apparently, he didn't remove my teeth. AH, that was a relief.
So, I was done and I thanked Allah several times and was so glad it did not hurt. In fact, I was so surprised. I couldn't talk properly though since words came out as sighs rather than sounds. I felt a bit like Aya when she was losing her ability to talk. I was able to empathize with her, and it felt sad but nice at the same time.
Dad came to pick me up, and we walked home. I was very hungry but had to refrain fro eating for sometime. On one end, I was glad at least one was over, and on the other I am still scared for the next appointment. I am mentally preparing myself now. The time is yet to come. 


  1. You are brave I should say. I had myself going to the dentist every month for a period of one and half years. Yet, I still have that unknown phobia when it comes to Dentists (all sorts of Doctors actually). Those sharp tools just freaks me out! :/

    1. whoa. Yes, we all have that, eh. I hope you get over it one day. :D

  2. Thank you Shaha, now I am never going to the dentist.
    With my phobia of needles I am sure to die!

    1. oh you're welcome Wuff. :D

      you'll do just fine.


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