Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stand a little taller

I went to Bandos on Thursday for YLP (remember, I was at YLP last year which was this amazing life changing program) where Shaam, Nawaf and I were facilitating a 6 hour LTLT program. It was amazing going to Bandos again. I love the resort, the people and the atmosphere. The students at YLP reminded me of us last year, but we were a lot awesome-r. :P I was slightly disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm in them, considering it was the last few days of the program. During the last days last year we were bubbling with so much energy and enthusiasm, I thought that one of us was gonna set fire to the world. Though I'm glad the fire thing didn't happen, I am glad of the batch with us. 
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The LTLT went pretty good. We did the usual activities and bonded with the participants. Later in the night, we stayed in the resort to watch the Geminids meteor showers and I am glad we decided to do it. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT. Honestly. We went out in the football field and there were probably more than a few hundred stars out there and every minute or two we'd see three to four shooting stars. So many wishes! We stayed there for an hour and saw nearly 50 and had a really good time. I was getting so sleepy, we decided to cut short and head to bed. 
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I was also having a really hard time trying to arrange some stuff in Male' while in Bandos and I realized how lucky I am to have my dad, who was amazing and I just kept thanking Allah for blessing me with all the wonderful things like my amazing family and friends. Also a big thanks to Fureeku whom I bugged so much. 
I came back to Male' and slept. During the whole day, I got almost 18 hours of sleep. Not bad, eh. 
Then, I went to Bandos again last night for the closing ceremony of YLP and had a really great time meeting with amazing people, eating good food (they had this amazing dessert called Tosca which is some sort of really delicious chocolate brownie with chocolate syrup which tasted heavenly. My teeth still hurts so much from all that, but it was totally worth it) and having an amazing time trying to snap pictures of doppelgangers and playing Fruit Ninja while on the ferry. 

Also my dentist appointment kept getting cancelled because my dentist fell sick (I didn't even do any spells on him, honest.) and so I changed dentists and the whole things is scary but I am determined to get this done with. Oh and today was first day at work and I was at home sleeping till evening. BEST FIRST DAY AT WORK, EVER! 
How is life people?


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