Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inspirational Women: Hilary Duff

If you ask me which celebrity is a good role model, I would say Hilary Duff instantly. I believe she is one of the best Disney has brought and definitely someone who didn't get lost in the celebrity world unlike Lindsey or Britney. She has been a nice person, and I assume she is a genuinely nice person in reality too.

I grew up loving her movies. Lizzy Mcguire was great, so was Cadet Kelly and Cinderella Story. My favourite movie of all time, The Perfect Man stars Hilary as well. So it doesn't take a genius to figure that I like this girl and her movies and songs. 

She inspires me because she shows that being a celebrity doesn't necessary mean you have to fall into all the wrong bandwagons. She has no scandals, controversy, or bad behaviour problems and she's finally settled down with a nice little family and that makes me want to believe that no matter what occupation you're in, being good is always a choice. She reminds me to stay nice, to stay true to myself. Not a lot of celebrities gives out that message. 
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Also She and I have the same favourite water, Fiji. :P
Seriously, she is cool and she is inspiring. Who is your most inspiring celebrity?

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