Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Life Doesn't Suck Post

Do you know people who always have this life sucks attitude? I mean those who will always blame life for everything. Nothing seems to work in their lives. Sure, life isn't fair, but aren't we giving too much credit to life by saying it sucks. It doesn't. Not always
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Sure there will be times when you feel like everything's out of place, that nothing seems to go right and no matter what you do, it won't be good enough. But you know what? EVERYONE feels that. We all have those bad days, bad moments, etc. That is no reason to go blaming life for sucking. Is it always like that? NO! No matter how much suffering people had to endure, or how bad it is, there will be good times. Take any tragedy, man made or natural, there is always something good. Tsunami? A lot of people died, were left homeless and suffered, but we also saw a lot of heroes rising, helping in whatever ways they can. We saw unity, we saw the best in humanity. Isn't life wonderful? The killing in Connecticut? Yes, 27 people including innocent children died, but we saw heroes in school, teachers who died to save their students, we saw people helping the families of victims, we saw people rushing to console them. Doesn't life surprise you by showing that there is always a way? 
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But yes, if your attitude towards life is always complaining and being a reacting person who is affected by everything around them, and who tend to blame it all, then there is no pleasing you. It's your life too, and you know what? You can make a difference in your life. When someone's rude to you, promise yourself to be nice to them. Maybe next time they won't be so rude. If the day is going bad, take some time to relax and reflect on what you can do to keep yourself calm and strong though it. Life sucks when you do. It's not the other way around.
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Have we ever taken time to contemplate and say life is good? Have we? When something is going good, take time to say to yourself that this is nice, this is good. Appreciate the good times, then you can start to learn to appreciate the bad. Sure, everything's not always bananas and sunshine. There will be horrible times, that's a test for us to see how strong we are. Learning to cope through them will define who we are. 
So who are you? Are you the kind who blames everything including your family, friends, government, rules, and life? Or are you someone who tries to find out what is going wrong, and what you can do correct them? Everyone's good at the blame game, no one's good at the Lets See What I Can Do game. 
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You know what I tell myself when I start to complain about everything. I tell myself to get over it, and go read a book. I tell myself not to be a complainer and be a doer. I tell myself that everyone feels sad, depressed, out of line, and that the world doesn't revolve around me. I tell myself that the world is freaky and to just deal with it. I tell myself to stop being like a cola bottle that bubbles up and spills everywhere. I tell myself to be like water, to be calm. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. 


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