Monday, December 3, 2012

How To: Headband

I am a professional headband maker, if there was one. Honestly. ha. I do like making them, wearing them not so much. I'm not Blair Waldorf, and therefore cannot pull off the queen bee headband trend. But you can, and I'm gonna show you how to BEDAZZLE (which is my new favourite word) a plain looking headband to a KABAM one. Writing words in Caps Lock is also my new favourite thing. So here are the stuff you will need. 
headband 1
Scissors, a plain headband (mine was a bit broken, but it's all good), a strip of fabric that is long enough, needle, thread, and some embellishmets. (I chose bows)
haedband 2

Step 1  - Start wrapping the fabric around the headband, diagonally so that it stays on real nice. No need to sew it, just tightly wrap everything.

headband 4

Step 2 - Just wrap the whole thing nicely and then cut any remaining fabric. At this point, you can adjust the fabric so that everything looks good or maybe eat a burger, whatever.

headband 5

Step 3 - Now you may want to sew the things together at both ends so it doesn't unwrap and mess everything.

headband 6

Step 4 - Put the embellishments wherever you want. Maybe one, or two or in the whole thing. It's honestly your call. I decided to use two instead of the four I originally intended to use. Yes, I change my minds very often. -.-

So that's it. It's very simple and looks pretty decent. You can try using different sizes of headbands, different fabric choices and embellishments. The variations are endless. Here are some more that I made.

headband pink
Pink beads, flowers and ribbon. This took me around half an hour to make, and a lot of pain to my fingers. Small beads are not your friend. I repeat, NOT.
headband purple
This is one of my favourites, I love the huge flower and the bead strip that I made. It looked so good when worn. 
So, if you make one, lemme know. I'd love to see. also, sorry for the lame quality. Blame it on the phone. 


  1. Whoa! Came here after so long! My server's been having problem with blog addresses, you know!
    And hey, I see a lot of changes happening here! So fresh! :)

    1. Hey, ah. That's why no blog updates, ei. Thanks.


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