Sunday, December 23, 2012


Eh'baeh means we are the same. We are together, we are united. 
It's the latest project of DYM (which if by now you don't know, then I am judging you!) for Unity Day, which is 26th December. As most of you would know, back in, Maldives was affected by the Tsunami and it was a sad day, but also a day that showed our unity, our togetherness and our humanity.

For the project, we are trying to collect pictures from all of the islands in Maldives, showing the unity and togetherness of Maldivians and to remember those who passed away. So, we are asking all of you also to participate in this project. 

All you need to do is write a message on a placard regarding unity, along with your atoll and name and then take a picture holding it. Make sure the message is visible. Mail the pictures to or to Eh'baeh Facebook page. 


There is me, with one of my favourite quotes from Dumbledore. Make sure to send us the pictures by 25th  December, the latest so we can include you as well. Let's all snap some pics, eh. :D

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