Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: True Believer

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This book was a birthday gift from one of my favourite people, and it was a wonderful read. Having read The Notebook and Message in the Bottle and having watched several movies based on Sparks novels, I was sure I'd have a good time. Even though his writing style is becoming a bit cliche', there is always that element of the prodigious romance, and the whimsical three dimensional characters with amazing backgrounds. This book was no different. It sort of was a bit of thrill with romance and the added mystery of the small town. I am a sucker for these kind of settings. I loved this book and I actually stayed for a big part of the night reading it till the end, but during some parts it got a bit boring so I skipped a few pages. (which I did read later, I was pretty sleepy, so I wanted to finish it. I know, you can jail me later)

Short Summary: Jeremy, a city bred reporter goes to a small town in North Carolina called Boone Creek to check out some mysterious lights in a cemetery and there he meets a girl named Lexie. Well, you know how the rest will go. It's a classic Nicholas Sparks. 
Fav Character: Lexie of course  She sounds a lot like me, someone who reads books, is very traditional and sweet but also tough. Well, sounds a lot like who I want to be actually. -.- But seriously. You don't have to be Jeremy to fall in love with her.
Verdict: It's a good read. Nothing too complex. Just a simple romantic novel that ou can enjoy on a rainy day, on a ferry ride or just about. 
Rating: 3/5

Have you read it? What are your views?

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