Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Playlist: Miley Cyrus

Yes, I used to be and still am a fan of Miley. Probably because she is my age and because I often thought she had this cool personality. She does. Yes, she's had some very rough stuff happen and had gone through a lot, but I'm glad she turned out quite fine. Engaged and doing better than ever, she is so fun and her own person and I'm so happy for her. Her songs helped me throughout my teen years and so, I have a lot to thank for. Here are some honorable mentions.

The Climb 
This is my go-to song for when I am down. Always. Whenever something is going on, and I feel like giving up, I listen to this. Instant inspiration to keep going on, to know that what matters is the climb. I love this song so much, I think I've at some point in my life recommended this song to everyone, including our pet rabbit.

7 Things
When I was in CHSE during one Ramadan, I was so into this song I kept listening to it over and over and over and I would even think in this song's lyrics. I know, it sounds weird  Those were some low days in my life. haha. I used to be a fan of Niley, what can I say?

Can't Be Tamed
Amazing song. I remember two years back when this song came out, and then I had an instant connection with it and kept playing it so much, my classmates would all sing this. haha. Those were some of the awesome-st days of our lives. This is sort of a very rebel girl style song, but with some hidden meanings, eh. I still play it and it takes me back to those days.

Nobody's Perfect
Another great inspiring song that I just sometimes need in my life in little dozes. Listen to it when you feel like some people just get it right all the time, or when you feel like everything you do goes down the drain all the time. 

Wake Up America
This is a wonderful song for the environment  I love the sentiments, the enthusiasm, the standing up. Everything. In fact, I used to have this written and posted in my inspiration boards to remind myself to help Earth. 

If We Were a Movie
Honestly, I think if I had to write a song about how if my life were a movie, this would be how I'd write it. Maybe. I don't know. All I know is I like this song a lot. It's very real-life but fantasy type. I am not making any sense now, so I shall stop. 

Party in the USA
The most awesomely energetic song. I love this song. So much. SO I put hands up, they're playing my song and everything's OK. It's a party in the USA! Also the part about not getting the memo, and Britney, hilarious!
If you're not a Miley fan either, I'd recommend you listen to some, including these songs. They are some of my favourite. What songs of her do you like?

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