Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Favourites

Hello last month of the year! Finally. I am a bit sad it's the end of the year, but I am so glad my degree is finally over and I have a lot of free time to invest in some stuff I've keeping off for later. :D Here are some of my favourite things right now.
Dec Favs
1. Butterfly Kisses Lantern from Pretty Little Things - Isn't this the cutest thing? It would look amazing next to my dream catcher. Also this shop makes the cutest dream catchers and other things that I absolutely love.

2. Snowed in House Ring from Me and Zena - I like how completely cute and quirky this ring is. Perfect accessory to any button down, day or night. 

3. Mean Girls tote bag from Etsy - One main rule of plastics is that they wear pink on Wednesdays, and they make fetch happen. Love the movie!

4. Lobster bracelet from Etsy - I am a huge fan of friends, especially Pheebs. This is one of her classic lines and it is so romantic in a weird way, haha.

5. Watch from Gift-box - This watch describes me, everyday. 

6. Zoku's Quick Pop Maker - I freaking love Popsicles and these are just the more sophisticated healthier versions. This thing has been in my wishlist for years!

7. Platform 9 3/4 necklace from Etsy - One of the most magical things that has ever happened to me was going to the Platform 9 3/4 last March and it was so so cool! I loved it. This necklace is just perfect. 

What are your favourite things right now?

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