Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trouble, trouble, trouble

Well, hey there. It's been some time since I let you know what I've been up to, eh. Degree's over. Yes, three years later I'm here, a graduand. I've been searching for a job, something that's interesting. My resume is pretty versatile. I worked as an account assistant, a marketing person and a radio jockey and enjoyed all of them. 
Nawaf, Shaam, Rish, Hoodh and I did another LTLT a weekend ago in CHSE which was really great. The bunch were energetic and fun and potterheads! :D Honestly, I felt so great talking to them and we had so much to talk about. We are also planning a lot of things for DYM so stay tuned. 
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I've also been working on the campaign for the elimination of violence against women with the help of Thinakun Ekeh, which is doing 16 days of activism for the cause  The opening was a week ago, and since then there have been forum theaters going on in both Huhlhumale' and Viligili this week which went amazingly well. The last day is December 10th and there is another forum theater at City Hall, so if you're in town drop by in the evening and say hi! Also wear orange.
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Meanwhile, I've been watching Community and Jane by Design. I love Abed. He is awesome. The Spanish rapping, the pop culture references and the cougar town thing, haha. I'm on season 2 now. Jane by Design is just awesome. Mh suggested it to me cos he felt Jane was like me, and I was like Jane, haha and that is true. I'm a bit sad that the series got cancelled. Everything I like seems to get cancelled. Accidentally on Purpose, 100 Questions, Eastwick and now this? WHY? WHAIII?
So how's things been fellow readers?

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