Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend Reads

It has been such a hectic week. I seriously have had so much fun. So, I'm leaving you this weekend with some interesting pictures since I didn't find any good posts this week.
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How absolutely wonderful is this Harry Potter themed wedding? I mean, WOW! 
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and this cute baby shower cake? I am seriously considering throwing a baby shower for someone. haha. Better befriend some fancy pregnant ladies. 
image credits
oh, and we are totally doing this to Mickie. How adorable is it eh? :D
image credits
oh and lastly, this is what I've been coveting. This adorable IKEA shoe shelf that can host 27 pairs of adorableness. Yes, I need this. Like, right now. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. This would be my last weekend before I start my new job. :D excited. 

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