Saturday, December 8, 2012

And at last I see the light

flying lanterns
image credits
Just a quick update to tell you guys that last night was a magical night. A bunch of the most awesome people and I went to see the AIDS day event to light lanterns, and we found out that only invitees were allowed to go in, so we were cursing them all the way. But when the first light went off and then everybody was allowed in, and then it was the most magical awesome thing ever. The lights flying across the dark night sky, just like in Tangled. Then Shaam asked a lady if we can light one and she was so nice and let us and so we lighted it and it flew and OH MY GOD I WAS SO SO HAPPY. Ah. It was so dreamlike, and then it was as if all the worry in the world, all the bad things were gone and the world was a lovely magical place where dreams came true. 
I also met so many awesome people and had an amazing time. :D You guys should definitely come next year, this is not an event to be missed. :)
Meanwhile, here is what I felt like. Just like Rapunzel in Tangled. 

Did you see the flying lights? 


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