Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nightmare on Dental Street: Part 2

If you haven't already, read the part 1 HERE
After the last experience  I thought it would get easier. I walked to the dentist with calm and entered through the door which was designed in a very teeth-ly manner. The people there now recognize me which is quite nice. I felt sad for cancelling breakfast plans with Mh who was here for a few days. Sorry you! After getting my memo, I was told that the doctor hasn't arrived yet so I waited downstairs, getting lost in Nu-uman Va Maryam again. I was on the chapter where Maryam Manike drowned and almost died, but was saved by the ever wonderful and gracious Nu-uman Didi. I can never get bored of these two characters, and this story  Having been written ages ago, it showed Salaahuddhin's imagination and his aspiring knowledge of the world. 
Moving on to my world, I waited there for around twenty something minutes and then Dr.Seth came in smiling and looking as friendly as ever. Honestly, he is the most non-scary looking dentist ever, probably also the most non-scary looking doctor (only second to my dad, who is all sorts of non-scary and awesome. But that's another story) I have ever met. There was already one patient before me, a girl who looked to be in her early teens with her family who looked sweet and almost like they came from an Old Dhivehi movie. This is why I love people. This, and several other reasons. -.-

Then the girl in reception, Ruth (not real name) called me to go upstairs to the waiting area and as I made my way, she asked me if it was me she saw on Raaje TV the other night, on a trip abroad (yes, people recognize me from my London trip documentary  which Raaje TV has apparently been showing a lot lately. That day alone, two other people told me that. I haven't seen it yet, since I hardly watch TV) and I said yes and we made small talk and I went upstairs where the Old Dhivehi movie family was already seated. I took a seat next to the kid and got lost in Nu-uman Va Maryam again. I was a bit shocked by how completely funny some dialogues were, and some scenes, like when Maryam Manika went into Nu-uman didi's room and fell on her knees and when she got up, they were engaged (in the most non-seductive and maai way) and then he went to Japan. I mean, that doesn't happen in real life. But then again, there are probably no Nu-uman didi's in real life. He sounds very unrealistic and too perfect. 
I finished the story and there was still time to kill, so started reading a Dharuma magazine on the sofa (it's a very good Islamic magazine) and soon, I was called in. Mr. Seth and to my surprise Mr. Ben was also there and I sat on the dental chair and looked up to the lights in the chair and then came to this realization that no matter how many times I sit here, it is still going to be scary. So scary. the assistant put an apron on me, and Dr. Seth started operating on my teeth while Dr. Ben watched over. They did not numb me this time, so it hurt quote a lot, especially during some parts where he tried to take a radio-graph  My eyes started to become teary, but I decided that I wasn't going to cry. It did not help that there was a kid on the next chair that Mr. Ben was trying to put a dental check up on but he was crying so loudly it was interrupting with my train of thought. His mother was trying to calm the little guy down, and I thought to myself. This must be how I was when I was a kid. My mom and dad tells me that they had to change the name board o the dental section in Ungoofaaru hospital, because I wouldn't go in there.

Anyways, after almost an hour of putting some scary looking things in my teeth (I regret opening my eyes through some points. I saw a very weird looking needle that Dr. Seth was holding and it totally freaked me out. To the point, I was reciting Thabarah Surah (which I do whenever I freak out. It calms me down) and then I closed my eyes and never opened them until Dr. Seth pulled up my chair and told me to rinse. The sad thing is that even though my eyes were closed, I could still hear (yes, I know. I didn't study biology so this came as a total shock to me! CRAZY, right? :P) and I died a little when Dr Seth called someone to get a pair of scissors. In my mind I was all SCISSORS, NO NO NO. ROCK ROCK ROCK! Apparently  Rock Paper Scissors don't work in the dental clinic. -.- 
Dr. Seth then told me that he got a dressing and that there was some other thing and this and that which I didn't really understand mostly because my brain was still trying to get over that experience and also because to ease the pain, some cloves flavoured thing was happening in my mouth (I don't know how else to say this) and I was too preoccupied to ask him about dental procedures. After the whole thing, I went down, paid the bill, got an MC and walked silently looking down at my bunny shaped flats and trying to feel good. 
At home, I spent sometime playing a random time management game to take my mind off, and I even got ready to go to office since it was only 1, but I was feeling dizzy and so I slept. I missed a meeting too. 
The scary thing is, I am still not completely done with one teeth even after the two visits, and I still have around four more teeth to fill and do other things. I have another appointment for next month, and oh boy, I can never be completely calm about this. Oh well. 

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  1. You spoke too fast about the first visit :O and they scared u the second time, ha?!


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