Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A to Z: Safe and Sound

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A is for Ah. Whenever I'm really interested or really bored, I use this. Yes, you may never know. 
B is for Billy from Jane by Design. He is so handsome.
C is for Charm, which is sometimes very very irritating. I can never fathom how some guys are so good at winning over moms and their daughters, while being a complete Jackass. -.-
D is for Dreamcatcher, that great picture. I am particularly fond of dream catchers and this one has the right amount of fluff. 
E is for Elimination of violence against women. The 16 days of activism are over and it was such fun helping the campaign. 
F is for Forum Theatre, which seems to be what all NGO's are doing these days. 
G is for Gemminid Showers, which I hope to see with my friends. :D
H is for Hazelnut ice-cream which is what you should always order at Seagull. It tastes heavenly. 
I is for I'm really extremely thankful to Allah these days. 
J is for Jane by Design. If you didn't know before, I absofreakingly love this show. Major outfit love. :D
K is for KK, my younger sister. :D
L is for LTLT in Bandos, YLP. I am hopefully leaving tomorrow to attend this. 
M is for My crazy friends who are so much fun. 
N is for Nikki, whose birthday it was the other day. I'm sorry I missed it cousin. :(
O is for One Litre of tears, which is this absolutely wonderful and sad Japanese series based on the real life story of Aya Kitou. Such a storing and inspiring girl. 
P is for Procrastination song, haha. This should be the theme song of my life. 
R is for Rainy days. I am starting to like rain.
S is for Some campaign that DYM is doing to celebrate unity day. 
T is for tooth stories, which people have been telling me ever since they knew I am going to the dentist. No people No. 
U is for Under 23 football team, who won the cup and Shaam and I happened to be there. It was pretty fun.
V is for Voila! I don't use that word as much as I used to.
W is for Why am I always remembering all the lines to Dora? Micky, yes. Because that girl watches it all day long. 
X is for exciting things that are happening. I honestly feel so independent these days.
Y is for You Know You Love Fashion, my new favourite website. How is it that I have not known this before? AHH!
Z is for ZZZ. I'm gonna miss sleeping till mid day. *sigh*


  1. good one... btw Why X for Exciting :D

    1. because I couldn't think of a work for X. So, I improvised. -.- I know, it's very lame but haha.


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