Thursday, December 20, 2012

Inspirational Women: Aya Kitou

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you would know that Aya Kitou is my current favourite hero and inspiration. I read her story after I started watching this Japanese series named 1 Litre of Tears ( inspired and based on Aya's book of the same name) which I grew to love so much.
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The series was mostly based on the true events and highlights some of the important moments of her life and her struggles as patient with an incurable disease. Her journey from being a young girl to a woman and the effect of everything on her friends and family and how she manages to still be kind and smile everyday and try to help people is so inspirational. The series adds some extra characters as well, and is a lovely watch which might make you cry. I know I did.
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Aya Kitou was a 15 year old Japanese schoolgirl who was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia which limits the person's movements and eventually confines them to bed, being unable to talk, write or do anything. She suffered for 10 years before she died at age 25. The most interesting thing however is that she kept a diary of all of the things that happened to her within those years and I've read the English translation from HERE. The story is so wonderful and it made me feel so blessed to be not sick and not confined by any limits. Everyday, I thank Allah for all of it, and now every time I do something, I am reminded of Aya and her will to keep going on. Whenever I am about to give up on even the smallest things, I remind myself that Aya did all of that despite her illness so why can't I?
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She taught me the power of self belief, that believing in one's own self is the first step to anything. She showed me how to smile and not complain all the time, no matter how hard I've got it. Her smiling face, her will to help people and to be able to do something, to leave something, to live life fully has given me so much determination go do the same.
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She was amazing and her legacy lives on. I recommend you all to read her book, and to watch the series. It is absolutely heartwarming and will make you believe in things again. Aya will forever remain in our hearts as the strong girl she was and will always be an inspiration to the sick, the disabled and the rest, to the girls and women, to the old and young, to everyone; an inspiration to love, to live and to never give up on yourself and your abilities. 

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  1. I also think Aya Kitou is an inspiration. May Allah reward her for the hardships she faced in heaven!


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