Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 11: Mother Appreciation and Grimm

Mom was not feeling too well yesterday so I did half her work and man, I was so tired by the time I finished I thought I was going to faint. It made me think so much about how we take our parents for granted so many times. Sure we love them, and we pray for them, and we say we'd do anything for them and we give them gifts on their birthdays and on mother's/father's days, but is that really enough?

Just a half day's work and I'm super tired and I didn't even make the food (got them from Juways, because I had absolutely no time!) and mother, she does this everyday without any complaints. It was definitely a lesson learnt in gratitude. 

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Also, I now feel very strongly about people who abandon their family when they get old. You are supposed to care for them, be there for them and love them but do you. Sometimes I even wonder would I? Right now I tell myself I would, but what will happen? What will happen to our generation? Is our generation going to build old age homes and kick our parents out? I certainly hope not. 

On a much lighter topic, I finished watching S2 of Grimm last night. I absolutely love Grimm. It's two of my favourite things combined, fairytale and fantasy and police procedure. I can't wait for the next season to see what's gonna happen to Nick. Also Rosalee is one of my favourite characters. Also Juliette has the best wardrobe, so hijab friendly! My favourite wesen has to be the Gluhenvolk, because they are so beautiful! 


  1. oh shaha. how i wish i could blog daily like you :3 also, judging by your post, i think i'm gonna start watching Grimm.

    ps; I have a lovely, super mom too!

    1. ahh, it takes so much discipline, seriously! I'm just glad I have come this far. You should, it's crash!

      Yay for Supermoms.

  2. Awwn, this made me miss my mom.
    Since getting married, this is my very first Ramadan alone and I can tell you for sure, it's tiring! I didn't think I could do it for the first few days but I've been pushing forward. What do you know? I might have finally grown up :D
    Your mom sounds wonderful, you should tell her that more often :)


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