Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 2: Chocolate cake and Castle

Ah, yesterday was first day at work this Ramadan and it was tiring. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep or blackout or both (if that's even possible). Am I the only one who absolutely loathes mornings in Ramadan?

Anyhow after work it was working my way through the vehicle-clad roads to reach home as soon as I possibly can. Mom bakes these amazing dark chocolate cakes that has fond memories attached to it. Me being me, I cannot eat cake - long story between me and my dentist which reminds me, I have to go to him again. You would think that being a regular at the dental clinic would make it easy but oh no, it still scares me and I've been procrastinating going there which isn't really helping. 

So, my job was to frost it and put on sprinkles and I decided to go overboard as usual. -.- We also made sandwiches but that's a tale for tomorrow. 

After Iftaar (I did eat a tiny bit of the chocolate cake and oh my god it was super delicious and I wanted to eat it all, but my conscience stopped me -.-) it was rather boring. I watched a few episodes of Castle S5 (I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show and this season's just so amazing) and slept. 

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