Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 4: Gulab Jamun and game nights

Gulab Jamun is my favourite sweet ever and possibly also my favourite food. Yes, for someone who visits the dentist so often, I have a sweet tooth. Whenever someone in my family or neighbors makes Gulab Jamuns, they would always send me some. 

Yesterday, I had a work Iftar, so didn't make anything. My cousin sent me some Gulab Juamuns and I was only able to taste them after midnight. I spent a long time of the day watching Castle and after Iftar, I texted a couple of my friends for a game night. I used to host Pictionary nights on weekends but somewhere along the line, that tradition sort of died down. A few of them were able to come, but we had such good fun. We started with Pictionary, then ended up playing Snatch and later cards. The night went on till an hour over midnight and was so so much fun. 

My favourite part was when Galhi drew evolution. Apparently, we evolved from cows, hahahaha.


  1. Cows weren't so bad. You guys got the idea. :)

    1. hahahaha. Sham was making a lucky guess. If not, wuff would never have guessed it.


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