Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 12: Hot dogs and New Girl

Say hello to my new theme. I'm very much into vintage these days. 
Yesterday was very tiring. I didn't eat much for Haaru the other night because I was angry at having to wake up. Some nights, I love it, and some nights I'm just all meh about it. Mother made amazing havaadhuee bis and so I made hot dogs because why not. They turned alright and there was a lot of meat filling leftover so I also made crepes. 

The house is filled with all kinds of desserts these days and I had a toothache last night because I ate so many. -.- I was showing Myra how to use chopsticks and I might have stuffed myself too much. 

I also started re-watching New Girl. I watched a couple of episodes last year and somehow forgot about it but then I saw it yesterday and I ended up watching almost half a season. Jess is so funny and cute and I love her quirky-ness. Also, CC has the most flawless skin ever! It's really funny. You'll fall in love with the characters so easily because they are so lovable. 
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This is my favourite quote from New Girl. That is totally something I would say!


  1. I'm totally up-to-date with new girl having discovered it just recently. I think I watched two seasons on two and a half It's a good show dho. Unfortunately I don't share your love for Jess :) I find her incredibly annoying but Cici is totally hot!

    1. haha, it's a really easy to watch series. Ahh, Jess is sometimes so annoying and CC is indeed so hot. I wish I had her hair! :D


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