Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I started watching Roswell this week and so far I've gone through most of season 1. I'm basically hooked. My main interest isn't the story line, but Micheal and Maria. Seriously, I think they are most adorable. 

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This happened to me before too, with Veronica Mars. I only watched it for Veronica and Logan and basically did not watch any scene where they were't there so I missed a whole lot of what was going on and decided to stop watching it. I hope this doesn't happen with Roswell. 

The series is kind of alright, nothing too exciting. Isabel and Alex are pretty cool too. I just kind of dislike the main two characters, Liz and Max. :|

So these days, I am working in the day, and at night curling up watching this. I haven't even read a book. *sigh* Exciting things are lined up for the weekend. I am rather excited. 

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