Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 19: That kind of witches

Yesterday was a big step for me. I finally gave into something I have been keeping off forever. I am not yet sure if it's a good move or not. Only time will tell. 

It was also again, a lazy day. I made some sandwiches with lots of cheese because I love cheese and honestly, who doesn't? My dad! Yes, neither dad nor my mother likes cheese. Sometimes I even wonder how genetics work. -.- 

Later at night, I was supposed to go help Shums with the Abaya show to be held tonight but I got stuck home because I could not get a ride. Seriously. My luck is the worst. 
Anyhow, all you fabulous ladies should attend the Abaya Show tonight. It's going to be interesting. I cannot wait to see it for myself. 

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I hope you have a good day. 

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