Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 8: DYM-time!

I spent most of yesterday working on DYMag. We are working day and night to bring the July issue to you within this week! There's still a gazillion things to do, including editing pictures, writing desciptions and ogling over shoes! 

Being a content director is not easy, I'll tell you. I have to constantly bug people to get stuff done on time and usually takes all the energy I have to always give them more time and say a thank you at the end. But when the magazine is out, all of its worth it and then the cycle continues. 

By the time I came home, mom had already made pudding (which is a favourite of Myra) and Rihaakuru Folhi so there was nothing really left for me to do I helped her cut the watermelon and made juice. 

At night, the DYMers met to discuss our very exciting upcoming project this Thursday called the 60 Second Film Festival. It's going to be super exciting and yours truly is giving the intro speech! we made three dozen pop corn cups and you bet it's going to be epic! Make sure you do visit. 

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