Sunday, July 7, 2013

Twenty somethings.

I've been lately very interested in things like personality tests and dilemmas of being a twenty something. The other day, I was at a MINDtalks session (I shall blog more on this later. It's a wonderful idea!) and I was inspired to watch the tedtalks. Honestly, I have never really watched the tedtalks. I mean I watched when bloggers I follow got featured like Gala Darling, and that's about it. But the other day, I was just feeling very inspired so I watched a couple of videos I kept to watch later and one of them was Meg's talk about how 30 is not the new 20.

Being a follower of Carly's blog, I often see her blogging about the millennials and being an INTJ (I'm an INTJ too! :D) so I checked it out and it was brilliant! SO BRILLIANT! She talks the truth. She talks about how now is the age to take some of the biggest decisions of our lives like going forth with the crazy big dream, start on career and finding a man to marry. Twenty somethings everywhere should really watch it.
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Me, I am a twenty something and I sometimes go by life everyday and even though I have big dreams and things, I hardly really consider just doing them. Well, at least I've penned it down. haha. This video is inspiration to do things.

So, twenty somethings, what are you waiting for? Go fetch that dream, leave that abusive relationship, find a new man, start that business! Do it right now, because if you keep pushing it for later, you will be in thirties and realize "what did I do in my twenties?"

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