Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 21: Out of town and card games

Yesterday was the funniest! A couple of colleagues again headed out of town for Iftar and the island was beautiful. We had a great time taking pictures and seeing the place, later having amazing food (I am so buying Peach tea, it tastes so good!), then cycling around town and hanging at the beach. 

The trip back home was the best. The sky was pitch black and there were a gazillion stars, all reminders of the past looking down on us and I just couldn't not look at the beauty beyond. Honestly, I am surprised at how less often I stargaze and more importantly, how later into my life I was introduced to stargazing. Thanks to Galhi and his love for the stars, I have a new-found love for them too. Don't you just love friends who introduce you to great things like stargazing and knowledge instead of terrible things like drugs and unemployment? 

Hello pretty sunset! Unfortunately, I missed the massive family Iftar and I came home to a lot of Facebook statuses where I was "blacklisted" hahaha. My family is the weirdest and most fun. 

Later, the guys came over and we played cards till 2AM because it was just so exciting. haha. All in one, a great day of great memories and new adventures. 

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