Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 14: Out of town and 1600 Penn

Yesterday, a colleague invited us to her island for Iftar, so a couple of people from work went. The ride was really nice. You all know how much I love the sea (not enough to learn swimming or go swimming, but you get the idea) and saltiness so I was enjoying the breeze and the sky! 

I took a book with me because there's just something magical about reading a fine piece of literature while zooming through the vast oceans with the salty breeze touching your face. I was reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks which is so far, great! I love Sparks' novels. They have this whole romance setting, albeit being a melancholy one.

The Iftar itself was great! There were so much food. After Iftar, we headed back home and no the way, I was listening to country songs and it was just perfect. Especially when it started playing Knee Deep and the lyrics matched everything. If there was a perfect moment in recent times, it was this. 

At home, mom had brought pizza so I ate some and then I watched a couple of 1600 Penn episodes. I loved the show and it got cancelled, like all my favourite shows. -.- Xander is so adorable, and Emily is my favourite. 


  1. Oh no, not again... the sea and books don't mix ever.. next time get a fishing line going, and see the difference...

    1. hahaha. I tried the fishing too, not my cup of tea! You should really start reading, it's addicting and much healthier than cigarettes.


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